Marva Goodson, M.S. | Founder/president

Marva Goodson is the founding President of Youth Advancement Through Investment (YATI).  She is a doctoral student at Michigan State University (MSU) in the School of Criminal Justice and is passionate about fulfilling the unmet needs of under privileged and court-involved youth. After earning her BA in psychology from MSU in 2011, she co-founded Youth Advancement Through Athletics (YATA). YATA is a multifaceted youth development program providing students who attend a court-run high school with a strength-based mentorship, athletic programming, career-driven activities, and community engagement. The program strives to reduce risk of recidivism, increase academic achievement and improve school attendance, through targeted interventions.

Her research focuses on the identity development of court-involved girls, with particular interest in the construction and attainment of positive possible identities. Marva currently serves as research assistant on an exciting research project designed to understand the needs and circumstances of women on probation or parole in Michigan.



Michigan State University has been instrumental to Ashlee’s professional development as this is where she received her B.A. in Psychology, B.A in Criminal Justice, and M. A. in community psychology. Ashlee is currently a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University and her research interests highlight the importance of using strength-based interventions to facilitate juvenile justice reform. Although her primary role is a researcher, she has several years experience working as a juvenile justice practitioner in youth residential facilities and a juvenile court. Ashlee is committed to engaging in action research that promotes social justice and the reducing racial/ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system.

Ashlee currently serves as YATI’s Treasurer. When not engaging in research and community outreach, she is instructing Zumba fitness classes and spending time with her family.

Rebecca Malinski, M.A.  | Director of Outreach and Communication

Rebecca serves as the Director of Outreach and Fundraising for YATI. After receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sociology from Ohio University, Rebecca spent three years working in non-profit. She entered the non-profit world through the AmeriCorps program, where she worked with the American Red Cross teaching children about the dangers of and how to prepare for natural disasters. After completing her service year, she joined the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, where she served in multiple capacities, including outreach, communications, and donor stewardship.

After learning the non-profit ropes, Rebecca decided to continue her education with a goal to help bridge the gap between research and practice. She is currently a doctoral student in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. She is interested in youth violence, juvenile justice, and the cyberbullying and online harassment of youth. 


Nordia Campbell |  Grant-writing Coordinator


Nordia accepted the YATI-CALL in April 2016 after several years of experience with community organizations centered on underprivileged youth and young adults. She began her philanthropic work as an undergraduate student at Hofstra University where she co-founded United Students for Educational Progress (USEP) in 2009. Since then she has earned her BA in Psychology and furthered her passion for working with this population as a graduate student at Michigan State University. She earned her MA in Ecological-Community Psychology at MSU in 2015, and is currently a third-year doctoral student in the Ecological-Community Psychology program at MSU.

As a doctoral candidate, Nordia conducts research focused on academic resilience among minority college students. Ms. Campbell has also conducted research on risk assessment and court-run programs in the juvenile justice system. Beyond her research, she also serves as an instructor for Michigan State University’s Adolescent Project and as the project leader for the Community-AID Laboratory’s partnership with MSU’s CAMP Program. Throughout her graduate career, she has also worked with youth serving organizations such as One Love Global (OLG) and the Michigan Campus Compact (MiCC). Nordia’s zeal for serving this population as well as her skill set derived from both research and applied work makes her excited to make a difference in the lives of minority youth through YATI’s mission.

Nordia is a proud native of Jamaica, who immigrated to New York as a youth. She now resides in Michigan and looks forward to returning to NY after completing her doctoral degree.   

Jayme M. Danzig, MSW |  Director of Community Engagement


Jayme Danzig, Michigan State alumni and recipient of a Master’s degree in Social Work, concentration in Organizational and Community Practices, most recently served as Detroit Youth Violence Prevention Initiative’s Prevention/PBIS Coordinator in Cody High School. Recognized as one of the most dangerous neighborhood in the City of Detroit, Jayme was charged with leading school-based and community-based safety strategies to improve well-being outcomes for youth, residents and school culture.

During her sophomore year in college, Jayme was reacquainted with her passion for helping others when her college mentor enrolled her in a psychology internship with the MSU Adolescent Diversion Project as a youth advocate for children in the juvenile justice system. After an exhausting yet extremely fulfilling and successful intervention, Jayme went on to teach for the Adolescent Diversion Project, training students in models of advocacy and developing course material for student orientation and trainings. After only three years, she received an award for outstanding leadership commitment to the project. While Jayme served her final year with the Adolescent Diversion Project, she conducted research on the utility of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI) to examine risks of gang involved offenders. Jayme presented her findings at the 2012 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in New York City.

After having received both research and field experience, Jayme saw a greater need for positive youth opportunities. With the guidance from her college-mentor, Sean Hankins, Jayme co-founded, designed, and implemented a community-based, athletic and youth development program for adjudicated youth at an alternative high school in Lansing, MI. Only three years later, Jayme, her co-founding partner Marva Goodson, and their program Youth Advancement Through Athletics (YATA) were awarded a resolution on behalf of their commitment to better the community and lives of our youth whom many had already given up on. That resolution is a representation of Jayme's passion, tenacity, and dedication to positively impact vulnerable populations and create opportunities for social change.

Jayme has now worked with hundreds of youth in various social service capacities. She has gained substantial expertise in coordinating systems of support to address interconnected challenges and building strategic collaborations that promote data driven decision making for effective program design and implementation. Jayme is now focusing her energy on developing sustainable solutions to positively impact the City of Detroit.

Kayla Hoskins | Secretary

Kayla earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Michigan State University in 2014. Following her graduation, Kayla became the Community Outreach Coordinator of Youth Advancement Through Athletics (YATA), a facet of YATI. The following year, her service was rewarded with a promotion to the role of Assistant Director, which she maintains. This experience fostered her passions of advocating for at-risk populations, teaching, ecological perspective, strength-based interventions, and youth development. In addition, Kayla currently serves as a research interviewer at MSU, where she investigates women’s experiences with the criminal justice system. Her primary research interests surround juvenile justice, community-based programming, and gender disparities.

As a native to the Lansing area, Kayla is passionate about giving back to her community. Kayla is currently preparing to pursue a graduate degree in a discipline associated with her theoretical and applied interests.